Harry Potter Day

Harry Potter Day, October 15 at the Central Library, was a magical success. Children and families loved the vendors, classes, and exhibits set up throughout the library.

The event featured many wizarding attractions such as live lizards and owls, a magic show, and tasty treats from local businesses, as well as books sold to benefit the Friends of Library.
One girl said her favorite part of the event was helping the magician out with one of his magic tricks during his show. Another girl said, “I enjoyed having my palm read. I was told I would be a good nurse or teacher.”

Even the parents joined in on the fun! One mother of two young children was proud to say she held a snake, and loved learning more about the animals on exhibit in the library.

The true heart of the event is to highlight the library. One young child captured this appreciation perfectly when, after being asked her favorite part about Harry Potter Day, exclaimed, “The books!”

The children loved coming to our event in their Hogwart’s costumes and experiencing the magical world of Harry Potter for the day.

— Rita Skeeter (aka Emily Aucompaugh)

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