Bornt Branch Writers Workshop

We love reading old letters but let’s face it; few of us write letters anymore.  “Between the World and Me” by  Ta-Nehisi Coates, illustrates how a letter can be a tool for sharing important ideas and experiences with someone, while at the same time clarifying your own thoughts.


Stimulated by Coates’ book, this 4-week workshop will use letter writing as an approach to stimulate your own writing. You’ll have a chance to select a topic important to you and write to a real or imaginary person.  The writing will be shared among workshop members and posted publicly if you choose.


Each week will begin with writing “warm-up” exercises, followed by reading aloud a section of the book, and discussing intent, choice of words, impact.  In the first week, participants will be asked to select an important aspect of their lives that they would like to share.  It could be a seminal experience, a conviction, or a purpose.  Participants will begin writing their own letters during the first workshop.  They will be encouraged to continue writing between sessions and will share what they have written in subsequent sessions for feedback.


Participants are invited to bring pencils and laptops or notebooks to write in during each session.


Workshop Facilitator Miki Conn is a writer, poet and storyteller. She has facilitated writing workshops and coached individuals who wanted help with their writing.