Last night, I came home from one of the most interesting presentations I’ve attended and couldn’t wait to start working on my letter to you. What’s all the excitement about? I had the pleasure of hearing Imbolo Mbue, author of Behold the Dreamers, speak of her experience as an immigrant, her writing process, her home country of Cameroon, as well as her professional and personal journeys. This captivating presentation, in collaboration with SUNY SCCC, was offered at no charge to the public and to students of SUNY SCCC. This program and all the programs offered through the Friends of SCPL happen directly because members of the Board of the Friends of SCPL are dedicated to offering enlightening, entertaining and engaging programs to as many people as possible.

As is the fact with most successful events, it took many people to volunteer many hours to make it possible. We must thank the organizing committee, led by Christine Witkowski and Cheryl Cufari, for their efforts and the efforts of SUNY SCCC President Steady Moono, as well as his staff. But, we must also thank every single volunteer who works in Sorting, Online Book Sales, the Whitney Book Corner, A Second Look, our Spring and Fall Book Sales, our smaller Winter and Summer Sales and, of course, all the good people who donate books to our cause.

We are fortunate to have a great library staff to work with. Our Library Director, Karen Bradley, sets a tone of openness and collaboration as does her staff. And—let’s never forget—all the shoppers. All those people who come to the stores and sales and enjoy the great reads at great prices.

On another note, just as positive and pleasurable, I was able to attend the official renaming of our Main Library to the Hon. Karen B. Johnson Library. Karen was a friend, mentor and also a Past President of the Friends of SCPL. This was and remains a most appropriate honor. Karen was not one to call attention to herself, but I’m sure she would be pleased by this recognition. Karen had a saying “If you’re doing it alone, you’re doing it wrong.” That saying surely fits the Friends. A wonderful group of people who join hands to make our community better. – Madelyn Thorne