Happy New Year to all!

Come and enjoy a highlight of the winter season, the Beat the Snow music series on Sunday afternoons January-March, (except book sale day 2/4) in the McChesney Room.  Janice Walz has arranged programs featuring a variety of local performers and musical genres, with something for everybody.

Why does the Friends of SCPL matter?

        • Because we partner with library staff and the library board to offer more and better services and materials to the public. Karen Bradley and the library staff, and Carmel Patrick and the library board, have worked hard to improve the library’s facilities and services. The county provides basic support, which is their job, and the Friends enhance the library’s programs, services, and collections.

        • Because our volunteers process and get value from vast amounts of book donations and library discards.  This is an enormous task, carried on by dozens of hard-working volunteers all year-round.

        • Because we fund purchases for the library that they cannot afford otherwise. SCPL is funded at a lower level than other larger libraries in the region and the tax cap has kept funding limited. SCPL’s revenue in 2015 (last available statistics) was $35 per capita, and that supported 8 branches. Clifton Park-Halfmoon library’s funding per capita was $74; Albany’s (with 6 branches) was $92, more than two and a half times SCPL’s;  and Saratoga’s $110.

Volunteerism and generosity are a strong tradition in our community; your contributions make a difference, to an institution that makes a difference. Thank you.

 -Val Catlin