By the time you read this, you still have the chance to attend a few of the concerts left in our “Beat the Snow” Sunday afternoon music series, arranged by Janice Walz. I have introduced and attended several of these, and what a pleasure it has been– the music ranging from fun, to reminiscent, to deeply emotional (opera!). We are fortunate that such performers are willing to donate their time and talents.

On the value of volunteers–For some years, Ellie Rowland has been recognizing WBC volunteers at the Friends annual meeting. These fine people have donated hundreds of hours of their time and energy, some for many years.

But wait, there’s more! While these numbers are significant, they are less than half of total volunteer hours. In 2016, these numbers of hours were recorded:

Whitney Book Corner 4,434.00 hours + Book Sorting 1,226.50 hours + Online 1,814.75 hours = 7475.25 hours.
Other library volunteers:
1694.25 hours
Total volunteer hours: 9,169.50

But wait, there’s more! These are only the hours that volunteers remembered to write down. Many more hours went unrecorded, time spent that officers, committee chairs and members, and WBC management, forgot to write down.

If one calculates non-recorded hours at 20% additional to the total (just a guess), and multiply by NY’s minimum wage of $9.00, that puts the total over 11,000 hours, with almost $100,000 in value to the library.
So pat yourselves on the back, volunteers! (and thanks to Janice Martin for the data.)
-Val Catlin