The Friends have done a lot to support the library during these past few months. We have managed to have five small book/media sales and the physical and online stores remain open.

The bookstores have expanded their hours to include Saturday and Sunday at the Whitney. They will stay open as long as volunteers are willing to work and the Governor allows us to remain open. I am very proud of this organization and the willingness to volunteer during these times and to give back to the community in programs or in person in our stores. One of the most important jobs is that of our sorters, who deal with the vast amount of donations. Because of them, Online and the stores have been able to stay open and provide the community with books and the Friends with needed revenue.

It has been a difficult time, but I wish that the new year will bring a more caring, safer, kinder country where we celebrate our  differences with our words and actions.

— Charlene Roman