Ready or not, fall is here. Books Sandwiched In programs are underway; do join us on Mondays at noon. Book reviews work both ways— this book sounds interesting, I want to read it, or, the reviewer has told me enough that I’ll pass on this one, and read something else, but I’ve learned something in the telling.

Thanksgiving is coming, and we are grateful to so many people— too many to name, but all are appreciated: Friends, library staff and trustees, and volunteers from other organizations, for their contributions to recent events and functions, including the staff and volunteer picnic in June, the fall book sale, weekly programs for the public, special events, day trips and extended trips. Meanwhile, dozens of people work regular shifts and extra hours, often weekly and more, to keep this organization and its everyday operations going. Their contributions are immense and valuable. Other Friends groups are envious of our level of activity and volunteer commitment.

One current project we are involved with is working with library administration and staff on reorganizing the space in which the library has allowed us to work. Angela Strong, Assistant Director, and Mary Ann Warner, Adult Services Coordinator, have been very helpful. The book sale clear-out has enabled the Friends to better allocate working and storage space to carry on the huge job of handling, sorting, and storing the tens of thousands of books that are so generously donated to benefit the library. To the donors, too, we are grateful.   -Val Catlin