Those of us who use and support libraries know that a library can be transformative. The village library I used as a child transformed me, as I read through Nancy Drew and every other mystery they had, propped open on my bicycle handlebars as I rode home, and then discovered the larger worlds of Rachel Carson and William Beebe. I explored the creek and bay with new eyes.

That was when a library was just books; now it is much more- internet access, classes and programs, a community center, etc. Schenectady County, the library’s Board of Trustees, and Director Karen Bradley, along with the library staff, have demonstrated their commitment to the Phyllis Bornt Branch Library & Literacy Center, and now the planned new Mont Pleasant Branch. The Friends are proud to also commit funds to the new branch libraries as transformers of their communities.

It is difficult to think about fall just yet, but indeed a busy season for the Friends is approaching. Monday Noon Programs will kick off in September, and organizers are getting ready for our fall book sale on September 23-24. Do plan to attend the interesting programs, and of course, shop at —and if you can, volunteer for —the book sale!

We bid a fond and grateful farewell to three volunteers who worked weekly shifts for some time—Judy Dillenbeck (paperback sorting), Jocelyn Pranis, and MaryAnn Van Alstyne (both online sales), and wish them all the best.
-Val Catlin