Our May book sale is nigh, and as a shopper, I find one of the great pleasures of the sales is the low prices. Not sure whether you will like that book? Take a chance, and at worst, give it away or donate it back. But at best, find a book or an author that you wouldn’t have searched for, but that you learn from, enjoy, or fall in love with. Serendipity is a wonderful thing. Years ago, at a used book store, among the books on England, I found a mis-shelved novel with London in the title, bought it, and discovered an author whose other titles I’ve enjoyed. At this past winter’s sale, I picked up a copy of The Shepherd’s Life, and learned about farming and sheepherding in Cumbria, where we marveled at the sheep so high on the British fells on a trip years ago. So come and shop, or even better, volunteer to help, too—it takes hundreds of us to make the book sales the continuing successes they are.

At their March Board meeting the Friends voted to commit $120,000 to the proposed new Mont Pleasant Branch Library, matching the amount committed by the library’s Board of Trustees. The Phyllis Bornt Branch Library and Literacy Center, to which we committed $150,000, has been such a success; we hope the same success will extend to Mont Pleasant.

We welcome the five new Board members elected at our annual meeting- Robin Eddy, Arlene Maranville, Geri Mulligan, Dick Shave, and Norrine Thompson, and thank those finishing their terms for their service. Joan Molloy has graciously agreed to continue her duties as Gifts and Endowments chair, and the others still volunteer in their ways. We also passed two changes to the bylaws.

-Val Catlin