We are assured that spring is coming, but there is still time to enjoy a few concerts in our Beat the Snow music programs on Sunday afternoons. Our annual meeting also approaches, and my term as president will end. It has been a privilege and a delight to work with and learn from the many wonderful people who make up  this organization.

The level of volunteer commitment by Friends volunteers continues to inspire awe. Shawn said one day, “I love this job!”— for which she is paid nothing, of course. In 2017, Friends volunteers donated over 12,000 hours in processing and selling donated and discarded books and media: Whitney Book Corner  5033 + Book Sorting  3507 + Book sales  759 + Online  2928= 12,227. Uncounted are the many hours donated by other committee members and board members.

One outstanding example is our treasurer, Nancy Virkler, who is retiring from her position after eight years. The treasurer’s job requires the most commitment and responsibility of all, and we are so very grateful for her long and dedicated service. Nancy has streamlined procedures and coped with new technology while maintaining high standards of fiduciary responsibility. While she will continue to offer training and advice, we wish her all the best as she devotes more time to family and travel.

We are saddened by two recent deaths: Esther Swanker, who was a member of the Friends board, and, for many years, of the SCPL Board of Trustees; she was an ardent and knowledgeable champion of the library. Also Alice Tepper, who volunteered for many book sales with grace and good humor, recently passed away.  – Val Catlin