These are unprecedented times and I want to thank Chris Witkowski for the job she did giving the membership the chance to vote on the new slate of board members. We will do whatever is necessary to try to assist the library during this quarantine and work as an organization in preparing for whatever lies ahead. I will keep the membership updated when something changes within the organization. I am available by email if anything comes up, at

I would like to welcome the new executive committee: • Norrine Thompson, 1st VP • Jaimie Williams-Peterson, 2nd VP • Chris Witkowski, Secretary • Shirley DeBono, Treasurer And our new board members: • Jenn Wood • Lisa Esperti • Marcie Wielt I am looking forward to working with all of you. I want to give my thanks and respect to Charlie Richardson, our outgoing Treasurer, for all the exceptional work that he has done. Personally I have given him so much extra work with the new store, gift cards, etc.; he never seemed to get upset and handled all the problems that arose with grace and professionalism. Also to our outgoing board members, Bob Symons, who spends countless hours sorting and overseeing the book sales and Shawn Schultz, who runs our Online sales. Last but not least to Madelyn Thorne, who dedicates herself to the betterment of the community through her volunteer work. She has represented the Friends well and has made a large difference in this organization. Until we meet again in person, stay home, stay safe and take care of one another. – Charlene Roman